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URB D8/D9 Gummies 3500MG – Apple Berri

URB D8/D9 Gummies 3500MG – Apple Berri

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Urb’s most potent gummies to date, made with freshly frozen hydrocarbon extracted live resin concentrate, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC creating a balanced body and head effect. Intended only for users with high tolerance. Pick from 12 mouth watering connoisseur flavors;

Lavish Fresa (strawberry x mango)

Spiked Kiwi (dragonfruit x kiwi)

Apple Berri (green apple x blue razz)

Blue Watermelon (watermelon x razzleberry)

Berry Burst (elderberry x blueberry)

Tropical Breeze (pineapple x tropical)

Knockout Punch (sweet strawberry and tangerine punch)

Voodoo Sunrise (banana, citrus, and tropical fruit)

Passionfruit Margarita (Ripe passion fruit merges with the zesty kick of lime and the vibrant essence of juicy oranges)

Ruby Grapefruit (ripe grapefruit flavor)

Island Peach (luscious sweetness of ripe peaches, with a hint of tropical pineapple to add a delightful twist to this citrusy blend)

Sour Waterberry (ripe watermelon pairs with the succulent notes of fresh strawberries to create a fruity burst of sweetness)

These gummies are made with the highest quality organic ingredients, natural flavors, natural colors and are Vegan, Gluten free and Non-GMO. 

– 35 count, 90mg Delta 8 THC and 10mg Delta 9 THC each. 3,500mg per jar.

– Comes in a custom Urb child proof jar.

– ¼ of a gummy per serving (25mg), 140 servings per container.


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